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Why should you consider Romania for BPO?

Romania has a tradition in providing BPO/ Outsourcing services to customers worldwide, being a top near-shore location. For years now, Romania has been ranked in the top of the most preferred outsourcing destinations in Europe, capitalising on its education system, with a strong focus on IT& technology, finance and accounting, but also language skills. This is why some of the top BPO players in the world have already established offices in several cities in Romania. With a relatively young workforce, and its new graduates, Romania has proven successful in providing support with specific business task, from call centre, payroll, human resources, accounting, network support etc. to organisations around the world.

If you are still wondering why Romania should be on the top of your list for BPO, find below some of the reasons:

  • It’s geographical position and accessibility (1-3 hour flights from most European business centres)
  • Cultural compatibility and business ethics which facilitates close relationships with customers in Western and Central Europe
  • Strong multilingual skills and availability of different native languages, such as German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greece etc.
  • Strong technical skills and adoption of new technologies
  • Growing IT hubs in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara
  • Employment rates which continue to be competitive in Europe
  • Academic readiness to support talent pool continuity
  • Young workforce compared to other European countries
  • Extremely agile network infrastructure and one of the fastest internet connections in the world

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