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What is the highest salary you can get on an entry level position in the call center industry?


Outsourcing salary Outsourcing advisorsThe highest salaries as a beginner (entry-level position) in the call center industry in Romania are given to Nordic or Dutch speakers. These particular employees are paid with wages that vary from 1.450–1.900 Euro gross per month, depending on the skills required for each position taken.The study was done by CGS , the largest provider of outsourcing solutions in Romania.

German or Portuguese speakers also have their share of good salaries with an average of 850 – 1200 Euro gross per month.

“The employees who speak the foreign languages mentioned above have the highest salaries due to the fact that these speakers are hard to come by on the labor market nowadays and we have requests on these segments from non-clients for whom we provide outsourcing services,” Vladimir Sterescu, country manager CGS in Romania.

“Furthermore, we request that these employees learn and develop a set of technical skills – by attending trainings provided by the company –  as a consequence, this brings us to an employee profile which needs a salary to match” V Sterescu added.

Companies that want to outsource a number of services (technical support, customer relations, sales, etc.) become Call Center clients. As a direct result ,the customer support agents have to interact with people from all around the world.

Polish, Czech and Swedish speakers are also wanted on the labor market at the moment.

Of course , call centers also offer jobs for Romanian,English,French or Italian speakers.

“For the projects involving the Romanian language, where no advanced technical skills are required, salaries match the medium wage but often grow with 20 – 30 % due to monthly bonuses. As far for English projects, it can match  450-750 Euro per month, depending on the work done, the type of call center, the employee’s technical skills etc.,” V Sterescu added.

“In many companies bonuses are added to salaries,as well as performance awards,meal vouchers , etc.As a consequence,European languages speakers,even at the beginning of their career,have incomes around 600 and 850 Euro gross per month.” V Sterescu

An analysis conducted by CGS shows that,in the past 12 months the extra revenues granted to employees have grown compared to the last couple of years.In this particular category we can add performance bonuses, awards, prizes and other non-financial incentives.The result is a natural evolution,encouraged by competition.

Founded in New York,USA in 1984 , CGS Inc  provides business technology solutions, e- commerce, consulting, messaging services, software application development and training services, for  clients located in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

CGS Romania provides solutions for front and back office using up to 18 languages, with nearly 3,000 employees different cities such as  Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu.


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