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Welcome to the future! Algorithm based recruitment is here

A few weeks ago, we were wondering if Artificial Intelligence is the future of business. Today, we can already say ‘Welcome to the future!’. Unilever has been successfully using artificial intelligence and computer programs to target and recruit employees for their early career scheme in an attempt to increase diversity, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer-goods conglomerates, with brands like Axe, Dove, and Lipton in its portfolio. The company has 170,000 employees worldwide and, until 2016, it used the classical campus visits as a way to recruit fresh grads. As they were visiting the same schools all the time, they were seeing similar candidates all the time. Something didn’t add up, and Unilever figured they had to try something new if they wanted to attract new profiles. What started as an experiment meant to reach a larger and more diverse pool of young people, turned out to be a successful approach to recruiting and attracting talent.

The new approach

Unilever decided to meet young people where they spend most of their time – on their smartphones. By placing job ads for early career positions on social media channels (Facebook or LinkedIn), Unilever now targets far more candidates than ever before. Candidates who click on the ads are directed to a career site, where they can start their application process.

Instead of sending a CV and a cover letter that would then be scanned by a human, the Dutch-British company uses algorithms which scan and filter candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. The candidates who pass this first scanning process are then asked to play a series of 12 neuroscience-based online games that test skills like concentration under pressure and short-term memory.

Candidates who obtain the top third scores at these games are asked to submit different videos responding to some situational questions. This interview is not live and can be done using any smartphone or tablet. Artificial Intelligence is then used to analyse the videos and to identify certain traits that are needed for the role, noting aspects like keywords, body language, and tone.

Finally, a summary is sent to the hiring managers who decide which of the candidates they want to see. This is the first human interaction in the recruitment process.


Make it work for you

As Unilever’s experiment suggests, the future is here and you have to be ready for it. There is a shortage of personnel in the IT&C space, so if you want to attract talent, you have to be well equipped with the newest and most efficient recruitment and selection methods. We can help you! Join ‘Targeted Selection’, our 2-days training programme that will show you how to use past behaviours as a predictor for future behaviours and performance. Learn more about one of the best recruitment methods that will help you add value to your organisation.

Source: www.wsj.com, uk.businessinsider.com

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