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Vox Technology Park – a novelty real estate project in Timisoara

The local real estate developer, Werk Property Group, is introducing the first business space with biometric access in Romania.

Located in Timisoara, Western Romania, Vox Technology Park is an uncharacteristic office building on the market. Besides allowing employees’ access in the building based on fingerprint scanning or face recognition, it  also provides parking for electric cars and a fully equipped facility for bike riders.

What does biometric access actually mean?

While it may sound extremely futuristic, the biometrical access will be done though a dedicated app on the employee’s smartphone. This means no personal information will be stored by the developer. All the information will be located on each individual’s phone, which will act as an access key for the building.

This system has been also chosen by the biggest governmental or banking institutions around the world due to its high security and reliability.


The Vox Technology Park project is expected to be delivered towards the end of the year and will consist of two office buildings, covering a rentable area of 26.000 sqm.

Photo credit & more info: http://www.voxtechnologypark.ro/.


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