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Timisoara – Second office market leader after Bucharest

From mid-2018, with the completion of some new office developments, Timisoara became the second office market leader, just after Bucharest. This is a premiere as Timisoara managed to surpass Cluj Napoca in the top for the first time, being now the most important player in the Western part of the country.

This change is based on record volumes registered in Timisoara over the past two years, both in terms of new stock deliveries and in terms of the volume of rental transactions. The office stock in Timisoara increased by 53,000 sqm in the first six months of 2018, already exceeding last year’s record deliveries. This is definitely the most effervescent period in the history of Timisoara, positioning it as a very attractive business location, due to its top, class A, new office developments that take into account both the organisations’ expectations from a facility, but also the trends in terms of employee wellness and health & safety.

Some examples of such deliveries are Vox Technology Park, the first building with biometric access developed in Romania or the new building that will be completed in the mixed OpenVille project towards the end of the year, that will take the new office supplies of 2018 up to 71,000 m2, an annual record for a city outside Bucharest.

Source: business-review.eu

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