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Timisoara: A rising star in Outsourcing

It’s not the first time when we write about the rise of Timisoara among the most interesting outsourcing locations in Romania. Thanks to its strong education and skilled people (foreign languages, technical skills), Timisoara has become an attractive market for investors. Its ever-growing real estate activity, with several new developments having been finalised in the past two years, makes it the second largest office market in Romania, as we wrote here. Its flexibility, efficient costs and easy access to new technologies also put Timisoara on the map of Outsourcing both in Romania and Europe.

According to ABSL estimations, Timisoara counts 10000 employees, the unemployment rate in this area being 1%.

Here are some of the reasons that keep attracting new business to Timisoara:

  • Timisoara is one of the most important academic centers in Romania, strong in top level technical universities and colleges
  • It is a flourishing technology hub, that embraces new technology
  • Strong technical expertise provided by numerous IT specialists, coupled with skills in communication, foreign languages and project management
  • Tradition in the IT field and automotive
  • Strong presence of software outsourcing companies
  • Air travel convenience to and from many major European destinations
  • Cultural compatibility with Europe and also North America

The Outsourcing business in Timisoara is expected to see further growth in 2019 due to the reasons stated above, but also to its still unsaturated skill talent pool. Make sure to keep an eye on this great city in 2019!

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