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The number of employees in the business services industry will grow by 60% by 2017



As per a study released public by KPMG, a number of over 60,000 professionals are currently working in the business services industry in Romania, mostly in IT and operations for outsourcing clients. By the end of 2017 the sector will grow steadily and will reach a number of 100,000 employees.


In 2014, the number of professionals working in the above mentioned industry were representing 1.9% of the active population and this sector contributed with 1.4% to the gross domestic product, as per the study released by KPMG.


Approximately 25% of these professionals are employed in IT services, about the same share work in the outsourcing operations for customers and 50% in financial services, accounting, human resources and others. The study made its analysis looking at the top 29 most important companies in Romania.


The business services industry exceeded 1.5 billion EUR in 2014 due to the accelerated growth recorded in recent years. The growth was generated by the 29 companies mentioned above with a record in turnover of 675 million EUR in 2014. The total investment in the local community through education programs or social responsibility exceeds 600,000 EUR.


The business services sector is highly competitive and it is one of the fastest growing industries in Romania, with an important contribution to exports and a strong impact on the local labor market. The major players on the market have expressed their desire to expand their business in the next two years in Romania.


The local industry offers a wide range of services to clients in Europe, North America and Romania, but also covering South America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East.


Source: wall-street.ro


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