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The first salary benchmarking platform available in Romania

eJobs, one of the largest Romanian job portals, has recently launched Paylab.ro – the first salary benchmarking platform available in our country. Lunched with a daring question ‘Do you earn what you deserve?’, Paylab.ro aims to help local professional assess their earnings and benefits in comparison to what is happening in their field of work. The platform has almost 170.000 salaries introduced so far, with a goal to increase this number and keep data current all the time. ‘All data older than 12 months will be automatically deleted, ensuring that the dynamics of the market is accurately captured by our platform’, says Bogdan Badea, CEO eJobs Romania.

At the moment, Paylab.ro provides information about 800 jobs across all industry sectors, private and public. It also includes useful resources on how one can drive a salary negotiation, what are the most well paid skills in the market place or how can you check the salary for a position before attending an interview.

How it works

Paylab.ro visitors can easily and anonymously complete an online questionnaire on their salary, and compare their income with the national average for that position, but also with the salary for the same job in the neighbouring countries to get a better perspective.

In terms of target groups, the platform essentially has two. The first group are the individuals on the labour market who want to find out more about salaries for various positions, and the second group is represented by companies wanting to ensure fair remuneration rates for their employees.

Paylab is a Slovakian business, which started in 2007, and is not spread in 17 countries across Europe and Africa.

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