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“THE Candidate” for a multi language Shared Service Center

Chess Game with Focus on the King

You are a fresh graduate, full of hopes, you have completed a few projects during your university years, you have some diplomas, you are enthusiastic and consider yourself a fighter.

You have great expectations from your future employers, you target the dream job that comes along with a big salary and you are focused on learning as many things as possible as fast as you can…

In front of you stands The Recruiter. His/her job is to hunt for the best talents, quicker than competition and within budget. She/he has a pile of CV’s received in his/hers inbox. Other CV’s  come  from different online sites and are people scheduled for Skype meetiongs, phone or face to face interviews. An avalanche of candidates. Who will be the chosen one? And what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Let’s discuss about a good match between the perfect Candidate and an available entry level role within a multi language Shared Service Center.

What competences do you need to have in order to be successful? Here are a few important ones:

  1. Tested language proficiency – being tested via phone or face to face (written) is hard and can take a lot of your energy– be ready to express yourself in the languages you’ve listed on your CV!
  2. Exposure to customers via online or phone – have you worked during school? Any good examples of interacting with customers?
  3. Problem solving – be prepared with good examples about a time you helped with a quick and good solution.
  4. Attention to details – no, it is not about observing that girls’s eyes, but about quickly looking at data and timely observing aspects which could help the solve the customer’s issue in the quickest time possible!
  5. Result oriented – have you ever planned your life as a student? What objectives do you have?
  6. Team spirit. Yeap! When you played a team game you’ve learned about the importance of being a good team player. In business, especially in a SSC type of business this skill is critical. Show us some good examples!
  7. Availability. This is not only about “when are you ready to start?” – but also about availability to work in shifts, overtime, remote or relocation…

So, is there such a person as the perfect Candidate? The latest trends in outsourcing recruitment show us that companies are focused on finding talents in unexpected places and  match these people’s expectations with their company vision and not vice versa – there is a subtle shift in the way companies are looking now for the right candidate.

For most of the companies,  the goal now is not just to fill an opening and to offer a job – the goal is to offer a Career. We will discuss more about this on November 12th  ,  when Outsourcing Advisors will organize a debate on Outsourcing recruitment challenges and solutions. To subscribe to this event you can access this link: http://www.amaliasterescu.ro/calendar-evenimente/outsourcing-romania-recrutarea-incotro-masa-rotunda/



If you are a recruiter or a candidate looking for a position inside an outsourcing company, send us your questions and we will come up with the right info for you.

Feel free to send us your e-mails at : office@outsourcingadivsors.ro

Author: Amalia Sterescu , CEO & Founder Outsourcing Advisors


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