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It’s the most…stressful time of the year!

As we’re fast approaching the end of the year, everyone’s TO-DO lists are growing longer, while the time is growing shorter. Is this scenario familiar? Do you feel swamped under many customer meetings, deadlines, project closures? You are not alone!

The pressing and often conflicting demands of customers, co-workers, other departments, and management make it difficult for even the most experienced and well-organised people to manage all of their day-to-day activities. Difficult, but not impossible! If you learn to work smarter, and you use the right tools, you can take back control of your most precious resource in the nowadays society and working environment – time.

To help you, we’ve designed Time Management in the 21st Century, a training programme which will become your new guide to time management. It is perfectly suited for Outsourcing professionals, people who are working in fast paced and ever growing industry and need to juggle with multiple tasks and projects. The training is built on a couple of concepts that will equip you to make better use of your time. A few examples are: speed reading, mind mapping, memory techniques and focus techniques that will help you stay motivated for longer and have a more creative approach to work.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to spend this year-end being less stressed and more jolly. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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