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Staying in touch – trends in outsourcing

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The outsourcing business has been the latest trend for many years now, with more and more companies choosing to focus on their core competencies and send their secondary departments overseas, where costs are lower and the workforce is sometimes more qualified. The purpose for such changes is no longer a secret and the companies made it public time after time: it’s cost effective and the workload is taken care of in a proficient manner. The “mother” company makes great profit, and the business relocation has a great impact on the local market, creating jobs for the young professionals in that particular line of work. But how has the Outsourcing business changed over the years and what are the latest trends in this area? Is all about money, what should we be concern about, what are the new ideas coming our way and how can we be prepared for the future? Here is the latest news, which you may find interesting if you are a professional working in the field, an entrepreneur looking for new leads or simply a passionate reader that wants to stay informed:

1.      Costs are no longer the no 1 concern – as odd as it may seem, it’s not all about saving money anymore – companies have realized that they can also benefit from global exposure, great partnerships and new relationships. The  outsourcing services have greatly improved, the efficiency is always present. It has come to a situation in which companies no longer explain why they outsource but to why they don’t. Outsourcing means you stay on top of things, you remain competitive and you have the power to work with the best professionals worldwide.

2.      Outsourcing is expanding – contrary to some beliefs, this line of business is far from perishing. Moreover, it is starting to be more popular amongst mid-sized operators. Smaller organizations may stand to gain more from outsourcing than larger ones. Surveys have shown that most initiatives to outsource taken by mid-sized companies have been more than successful.

3.      Outsourcing will continue to expand in countries such as Brazil, Russia, The Philippines and China. The fact that India represents the Outsourcing heaven, is no longer a surprise to anybody. But we should also take into consideration the new entries, as mentioned above. Strong states, with great professionals working in various fields. They will surely raise the bar! Let’s now forget the small countries as well, that currently develop this area and have all the potential to succeed: Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic etc. A small but yet significant change – Nepal has made its first steps towards this industry as well.

4.      Car producers are looking to outsource more and more – according to experts and studies it looks like this new trend has increased in the automobile industry: cars being developed and produced in countries with lower costs, while being sold under the brand name worldwide.

5.      Social media outsourcing will continue to develop – outsourcing providers will focus more and more on social media experts and will hire and train such professionals in order to increase their online presence and marketing strategies.


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