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SoftVision wants to reach 1,100 employees by the end of this year

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SoftVision, one of the leading Romanian IT companies specializing in outsourcing, recorded an increase of 12% of their team members in the first half or this year, reaching a number of 1,000 employees.

The increase in the number of employees came after extending their portfolio of clients in the first half of this year, and following the development and cooperation with current customers. In the past six months the company has signed new partnerships with companies in various fields such as health, agriculture, transport, e-commerce, security, tourism and others.

Moreover, SoftVision is to maintain their upward trend in the second half of the year. “Evolution in the number of employees will maintain an upward trend in the second half of 2014 due to technological diversity within the company and expanding portfolio of clients” said George Stan, General Manager SoftVision.

In terms of investments, 2014 was influenced, in the first part of the year, by the opening of three new offices in Romania, and the United States. SoftVision opened a new office in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and New York.

By the end of the year the company plans to open two other offices in Romania and will invest in expanding the team with the same pace in the first half of 2015. Available vacancies within the company are currently targeting IT professionals in the areas of Java,. NET, PHP, UI, iOS, Android, DataBase, C + + / QT, QA and technical support.

According to data reported to the Ministry of Finance, SoftVision had a profit of 60,000 euros in 2012 and a number of over 600 employees.

With headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, SoftVision has been operating on the local software outsourcing for 14 years and has offices in Baia-Mare, Iasi and USA (San Jose, California). SoftVision’s portfolio of clients includes companies such as Microsoft, Toshiba, Verizon, Alcatel, IBM, Sharp, Procter & Gamble or Mozilla.




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