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SoftOne Romania and HYPERCUBIC IT Outsourcing announces the signing of a strategic partnership



SoftOne Romania, one of the most dynamic providers of  Cloud ERP solutions, announced  a new partnership with HyperCubic IT Outsourcing, a company that is also among the market leaders for integrated IT management in Romania.

The new partnership supports customers by providing a complete business solution and continues SoftOne’s  strategy in Romania – developing a strong network of partners. This business model is best represented through the network created by partners who are developing rapidly making the companies achieve their goal of having a stable presence nationwide.

“We strive to serve our customers anytime and anywhere, as a provider of integrated services and solutions specific to each customer. Our partners play a key role in this. Togheter with HyperCubic IT Outsourcing we provide  complete solutions and we support enterprises, especially small and medium companies, which will help them to optimize operational costs and business processes ” Haris Zachariades, CEO SoftOne Romania.

At the same time, the partnership complements HyperCubic’s line of action, focused on providing a full range of flexible and efficient services and solutions.

“Beyond the enthusiasm of the new partnership, which brings added value to both companies, the collaboration with SoftOne came as a natural response to a business need. The ideal situation in which each party can focus on its core business and the customer enjoys the benefits of a full service package “explained Bogdan Rohan, Managing Director IT Outsourcing hypercube.

At present, Hypercubic supports over 100 clients in various spheres of activity, with different levels of outsourcing IT infrastructure management. One of the strengths that helps this portfolio to increase is the range of complementary services offered by Hypercube (IT Outsourcing, IT Service & Maintenance, Software Management & Implementation and Hardware & Software Distribution).

The star product of SoftOne in Romania, Soft1 ERP, contributes significantly to optimize operational processes and improve productivity by centralizing the company’s information. In addition, users have access to the data of interest in certain key moments, being able to tailor reports for display, in the needed exported and print format. Soft1 ERP is the only business in Romania which works identically on both the client’s server and in Cloud, having 100% flexibility.

SoftOne Technologies has more than 1,000 developments in cloud, 300 partners, 500 associates and over 12,500 developers installations.


Source – www.agora.ro


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