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Set goals that you are going to achieve

If it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s time for new plans. There’s no other time during the year when both individuals and businesses are more eager to draw conclusions, and make new plans than at the end of December, respectively start of January.

In the past days, again, the internet has been flooded by plans, goals and resolutions. But how can you make sure that what you put on paper now gets a tick next to it until the end of the year?

Here’s our top three rules that we always follow when we make plans for the new year. They can be applied both for business and personal goals and they never fail:

Start with the why – Besides being the title of a best seller by Simon Sinek, this is also a key element when it comes to goal setting. Before pursuing any plan, make sure you understand why you want to do it, what is your drive, what motivates you, what do you expect to get out of the situation. Knowing and owning your why increases the chances of you sticking to your plan for longer!

Be a dreamer, but be realistic as well – If you are in an individual contributor role right now and you want to progress in your career to a VP level role, that’s fantastic! However, if you want this to happen in the space of one year, that may turn out to be a bit difficult. So, making sure you set achievable goals for yourself can spare you of the burden of being demotivated just because you haven’t allowed enough time or resources for your goal to come to live.

Involve other people – Be it your team, colleagues, family, friends, when you invite other people to join you in your ‘boat’, you are more likely to succeed and achieve your goal. You can get an extra hand when you most need it or they can hold you accountable for what you said you want to achieve.

Happy goal setting!

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