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Proficient in an exotic foreign language? You are signed in the race for a competitive salary!

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In the last years Romania has become a favorite destination for companies that are looking to open new outsourcing and BPO business centers abroad. These companies are seeking educated professionals that are fluent in one or more foreign languages. At present, we are facing with a trend in which employers are offering substantial benefits to professionals that are fluent in exotic languages such as Finnish, Norwegian or Dutch. If a person working in the Outsourcing line of business adds this competence to their CV, they salary may be increased with an amount of 1100 LEI (as per a survey made public by Consulteam )

Our country represents the perfect location for opening a Shared Service or BPO center due to reduced costs, educated work force and foreign language speakers. If in the past companies were only looking towards saving costs, nowadays they are extremely focused on the quality of service, innovation, differentiation and processes.

The results of the survey clearly outlines the market’s tendencies to come in the favor of those young professionals that speak exotic languages, with bonuses that are received extra from this consideration alone. Recruiters find it difficult to fill in the vacancies companies have and that require this level of knowledge. As a result, foreign languages such as Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish are graded as more rewarding in terms of financial remuneration in Romania.

The surprise comes from another range of exotic foreign languages that come in second in terms of salaries: the Slavic languages. Croatian, Serbian, Slovak and Hebrew come in second on the bonus chart in our country.

“The average gross amounts for bonuses/ month can start from 800 RON  and go up to 1100 RON (for example the Northern languages)” – Roxana (Feregan) Marin, consulting manager Consulteam

The employees who works in the Outsourcing business and are proficient in an exotic foreign language are Univeristy graduates (90%) and students (10%). The interviews they need to pass in order for them to be hired in a multinational are language tests: writing, reading and speaking.


Source: wall-street.ro

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