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Outsourcing Manager? The perfect balance




An acrobat on a string – maintaining the perfect balance, focusing on every step, trying not to be distracted by the background noise and the pressure around. The focus point is on the outcome and the public’s appreciation. Yet the journey does not lack danger. It’s a journey of the mind and spirit and the goal can only be achieved with hard work, a lot of training, mentors and supporters. The steps are carefully majored and the finish line is close. Success!! However, there is little time for glory and applause, for tomorrow the road starts again: same concentration, same focus and hopefully same outcome!

There is little difference between an acrobat on a string and a manager today, working in this competitive and ever-changing business environment. The balance is present here as well – with the same fears, the same focal point and same narrow road ahead: customer’s needs are getting more complex by the day, the team’s requirements more and more detailed. The pressure received from the competition is felt every day and communication skills need to be improved at all times when working with global teams around the world.

The corporate manager, working for Shared Service Centers or Outsourcing Companies has learned to adapt to changes, in the most rapid manner – for in order to stay competitive he/she is required to be inventive and to find resources where others lack the vision, adapt to social and political changes, face a stimulating rhythm and unexpected situations. Roads of uncertainty need to be clear, teams need to be connected and customers must stay loyal. Winning this battle is a managers and a leader’s greatest challenge. And young and ambitious employees have already won.

Nowadays, the average promotion for a dedicated employee takes an average of 2 years and the majority promote in the companies they work around the age of 31. Their promotion is based on experience, personal development and great communication skills. They are stimulated by the business environment to overcome their fears and to arm themselves with a “special equipment” based on a “can do” attitude, flexibility, the power to constantly develop, operational excellence, personal drive and commitment. Generally the Outsourcing or the In-House business company they work for offers them all the possibilities to develop – great incentives, clear targets, young and driven teams.

There is no denying that the pressure is felt more and more by those holding management positions. And when the promotion is done so very quickly in most of the cases, there is no need to ask ourselves why. Companies desire performance and many managers work as hard as they can to provide the best results for their line of work. Sometimes, it is this particular focus on the operational side that makes managers forget that being a leader is being an inspiration to others. Many managers are so concentrated on their share of responsibilities that they forget the importance of strategic networking for instance. It is vital to connect with other managers, to feel the pulse of people. Interaction with other groups is vital and not to mention it can be a great source for new business opportunities!

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another” – John C. Maxwell

I applaud the effort and the commitment young managers show while working in the BPO/Outsourcing or Shared Service Centers around the world. They hold the power to shape great managers at their turn and provide the greatest achievements. Do not be afraid to show your management skills if you hold a management position! Aim higher, be a leader! Leadership is not about titles or flowcharts. It’s about making those around you believe they CAN.

Get out of your comfort zone and react! Learn how to master strategic networking, get out of your comfort zone, meet and influence those around you! Let the others know your strengths and teach them how to learn from their or your mistakes! Always be present and informed. Publish, write and read. Help others! Be memorable!



Author – Amalia Sterescu, Sr Business Consultant

Article published in Business Arena ( www.business-arena.ro )

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