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Outsourcing, IT business and Agriculture in Romania

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What do these three domains have in common? So different and yet so close to one another. What could link them together? The answer is simple: according to Bogdan Badea, managing director of Accace Romania, Agriculture, IT and outsourcing services are estimated to be the main domains of interest for foreign investors in Romania in 2014.

“The main argument for agriculture is the major interest of foreign investment funds in buying land and farms. Land in Romania presents major advantages for investors, due to the fact that there are large land areas which can be included in the bio area, which raises the prices of final products” Bogdan Badea

“One of the factors which has attracted companies to invest is the development of the local externalization market.” Badea explained.

Romania is seen as a very mature market in terms of externalization and the reason is simple: suppliers of externalization services held companies and investors by the advantageous quality-price ratio of services offered, simplifying internal processes and increasing the investor’s confidence in the local market by reducing the negative impact of fiscal unpredictability and taking over administrative burdens” the Accace press release shows.



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