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Outsourcing/ BPO – the sector with the highest rate of employment in Romania

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According to studies released by a top Romanian portal related to online job offers , (www.hipo.ro ), the BPO sector currently has the highest rate of employment in Romania.

The reason is quite obvious – our country has become very attractive for companies looking to open near-shore or off-shore centers due to the large number of highly trained and educated employees, usually young and ambitious graduates. The culture in Romania is one of the key factors as well– it is most similar with that of Western countries or North America. Furthermore, Romanians have special skills relating to foreign languages, many of them currently speaking more than 2 languages fluently. English, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian are in great demand in the SCC / BPO Moreover, the employees are computer literate and can successfully work in a global environment.

Among the companies that have chosen Romania to open Shared Service Centers we can outline: Oracle, Accenture, Genpact, Wipro or HP.

We currently have over 20,000 people working in this field. BPO companies hire, on average, between 100 and 500 people.

The main cities in Romania in which the BPO sector flourishes are: Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov and Timisoara. These are connected to the most prestigious universities in the country, all of the above also being important and strong academic centers. Iasi is yet another city that has an immense potential, but due to the poor infrastructure, the foreign investments are not that numerous. However, we can list a couple of international companies that have chosen Iasi as a development center: Capgemini, E.On, XL World and Amazon.

The future looks bright for the BPO sector in Romania – the figures look most positive, as the industry grew by a percentage between 10-30% in recent years and continues to grow from year to year.

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