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Outsourcing Advisors launches Outsourcing Club – join now!




Outsourcing Advisors proudly presents the launch of Outsourcing Club, an online community dedicated not only to professionals working in this line of business but also to all of those interested in the trends, jobs availability, news and events related to Romanian Outsourcing.

The Outsourcing Club is your pathway to joining a community of people from the Romanian outsourcing landscape, who share the same interests and are looking to add value to the expanding Shared Service Centers/BPO market.

By becoming a part of our Outsourcing Club, you will be granted exclusive access to Outsourcing events, market analyses, premium CVs and much more information about what is going on within the Romanian Outsourcing line of business.

Make sure you take advantage of our offer in order to better position yourself in a booming market, where knowing the right people and taking part in the right events can bring you closer to success.


What do you get with an Outsourcing Club membership?

  • Access to a network of individuals that are part of the Outsourcing communities;
  • Access to events about and for the outsourcing community that will provide you with valuable insight into the market;
  • For HR professionals and not only – access to premium CVs from members in the community;
  • Free sharing of information and market knowledge among members;

Join now!

Visit our site for more details and join the Outsourcing club today! Be among the first members and you can benefit a free membership fee if you register within the month of October. The fee is 100 EUR annually if you register from November onwards.


Outsourcing Advisors supports small and middle Outsourcing companies in Romania and believes in the potential of the Outsourcing Community to attract new investments and to position Romania as the no.1 European Outsourcing destination.

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