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Do you want to outsource or insource your business to Romania? Our Advisory Board will offer you prompt market research information about:  Romanian market, pool of resources, labor legislation, competition on resources, local trends, Romanian towns potential, existing skills etc. We support your outsourcing decision process by offering you the necessary info you need in order to select the best location for your business! Please contact us and you will get the latest Romanian Outsourcing Report.


Have you already decided to have a start-up operation in Romania? Instead of allocating a bigger budget for your transition process, choose one of our local consultants which can accelerate your start-up in Romania, can act as a liaison between your organization and local authorities/customers! If you are interested in this type of partnership please contact us here!


Are you looking for some rare skills or senior leaders who are able to manage your outsourced operation in Romania? Send us here the profiles you are looking for and we will make you the right recommendation. We can search the right profiles and we also can recruit and select for you the right talents!


Before taking your outsourcing decision, are you interested to make a tour to the main players who selected Romania as outsourcing destination? We can arrange this for you in any city of Romania! Send your request here.


Do you provide outsourcing services and are you located in Romania? We can promote your company profile on our website, we can interview your top managers/employees and we can distribute the information on our channels, we can send you business leads from our external customers, we can send you exclusive information – what you need to do is to click here and to enroll as Outsourcing Advisors Partner.


Would you like to motivate your top performers? We can interview them and we can publish their success story on our ”Industry News” section or in our ”I am an outsourcing professional” section! Please contact us here!


Do you want to be part of an active Romanian Outsourcing Community? Do you want access to exclusive information about outsourcing trends/news? Do you want to participate to interesting local outsourcing events? Outsourcing Club is the right answer for you! Join us now !