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Outsourcing Advisors – strategic partner for Romanian Outsourcing Summit

Outsourcing Advisors continues the strategic partnership with The Diplomat Bucharest regarding the new events in Outsourcing Industry. These new coming events in outsourcing industry can help Romania be placed on the international outsourcing map.

  • Romanian Outsourcing Summit – March 30, 2016

Romanian Outsourcing Summit 2016 is an elite event that brings to attention the evolution of the local services sector and specific solutions to improve its development. Among the topics that will be discused this year are:

• Romanian outsourcing overview, business process outsourcing, insourcing
• What are 2016 trends in outsourcing and shared services?
• Financial incentives: Involvement of government and public administration and its impact
• Outsourcing opportunities in Tier 2 and 3 Romanian cities
• What are the main aspects foreign investors seek in a country? What are the requirements the country meets and what should Romania emphasise on further?
• What are the main 2016 challenges of the local players have to face?
• Academic special programs. How important is the partnership between companies and educational system and how can it be enhanced?
• Newest trends: Big Data, Automation, Digital

You can book you seat here: http://outsourcing2016.thediplomat.ro/

  • Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence – May 26, 2016

The second edition of the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence 2016 is based on rigorously researched information and a Judging Panel formed of prominent names in business, government and academic society the event will establish itself as a must attend in the Romanian Outsourcing events calendar.

  • People in Shared Services and Outsourcing Forum – October 27, 2016

Romanian HR in Shared Services & Outsourcing Forum 2016 brings together the business services investors such as SSC, ITO, BPO, academic figures and authorities to discuss and discover new tools, strategies and solutions for developing, implementing & optimizing the HR Shared Services model.

Outsourcing Advisors (the central point of reference for any foreign investor or local Romanian business interested in developing/enhancing their outsourcing services) is a strategic partner for the event.


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