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Are leaders born or made?

One of the defining aspects of Outsourcing is how dynamic this environment is. Independent on the company, industry or the country where it’s set up, any Outsourcing business sees a lot of transformation, change, evolution – all at a fast pace. These businesses need people who can stay ahead of the curve, have a clear sense of direction and are able to lead the way. We usually call them ‘leaders’ and when it comes to the classical question: ‘Are leaders born or made?’, our answer is firm: ‘definitely made’.

Not sure if you share our opinion or not but we’re happy to talk you through our views. We find it really refreshing that leaders are made and that leadership can be taught and learnt. For us, it means that different individuals, from different backgrounds, with different skills can put their talents at work and lead the way…in their own way. Businesses need diversity, that’s a fact! And if we take a look at the world’s best leaders, it’s not hard to notice that there’s no ‘one-type-of-leader’, there’s different approaches, contrasting personalities and several paths to success. If you need further evidence that this is true, have a look at the most recent top by Harvard Business Review, listing the best performing CEOs in the world in 2017 – you’ll find plenty of diverse success stories there.

If we narrow the spectrum and focus on the Romanian Outsourcing space, our campaign, ‘I am an Outsourcing Professional’ presents several profiles showcasing that leadership is a skill that individuals can learn, polish, practice and improve. Based on this certainty, we’ve created a  Bootcamp dedicated to new or experienced managers who want to become leaders. This 3-days programme is indeed more than a training – it is a practical course where participants are exposed to real-life business scenarios where they can practice and learn what are the behaviours that a great leader has to embody or how they can respond to the day-to-day business challenges in a constructive way. Another important pillar of the Bootcamp is discovering how managers can make the shift when it comes to growing talents within their teams and lead them through a development oriented approach based on coaching and mentoring.

So, are you dreaming of becoming a successful leader who creates real value for  the team he’s/she’s leading? That’s excellent and you’re doing well already! Now, what have you done for your dream today?

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