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It, Outsourcing Service Shared Centers, BPO and the automotive industry – responsible for providing most jobs in 2014



Are you on the lookout for a new job and not have yet decided what area you should approach? You may be interested in following the below domains as they have been responsible for providing most jobs in 2014! Studies have shown that they will show a top place in 2015 as well.

IT is among the industries that have recorded most jobs in 2014, according to recruitment specialists in Romania. In addition, Eugenia Dabu, recruitment manager at Lugera notes that call center and financial areas are not to be ignored at all for the upcoming period.

“The IT line of business remains a top area where we could observe a higher emulation on the HR market in Romania, with a higher number of available positions compared to 2013. The IT line of business provides services to a great number of industries like hardware, telecom, banking and BPO. As a direct result, these were the areas that recruited the greatest number of personnel in 2014” –  Corina Anghel, communication specialist APT Group.

At the same time, Felix Thomas, country manager at recruitment company Gi Group Romania puts the IT business on the top, with the most vacancies offered in 2014. Following closely he listed the automotive industry, electronics and logistics.

“One of the areas with the strongest growth is the Automotive industry – the companies that provide auto parts for major automobile manufacturers. Although the global car production has not increased significantly, more and more companies move their production facilities in low cost areas and Romania is still attractive in terms of wages. Another growth can also be notified in the IT domain – where most marketing firms aim to make new hires, or Shared Services Centers (and Call Centers), serving more countries on IT support / Logistics / Finance / HR / Sales” –  confirms Serban Mrejeriu, senior consultant at AIMS Executive Search & Consulting, headquartered in Timisoara.

“Besides IT, we can outline other domains that provided a great number of vacancies in 2014: telecom, production / manufacturing, customer care and Shared Service Centers ( especially focused on rare foreign languages).These areas did most hiring in 2014” – Elena Popa, senior HR consultant at Adecco Recruitment Romania.


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