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Is RPA the new Outsourcing wave?

I’ve always been attracted to gadgets and technology and have been lucky enough to work in companies that are keeping close to the scene. After 13 years in cybersecurity – one of the worlds’ fastest-growing fields – I’ve stepped into what I think is one of the next disruptive technologies: RPA. Robotic Process Automation is challenging the current work setup and, as one of my new colleagues perfectly put it, takes robots out of humans around the world.

The word ‘robot’ sounds a little bit scary, right? You either love it or you hate it. I am aware that most people imagine that automation is here to take our jobs and I understand why that idea might be received with scepticism. But I think all of this is natural and perfectly normal. Human beings are reluctant to change, but change is inevitable. And no matter how much we try to hide, cover or stop it, it will ultimately find its way into our lives.

For example, one of the biggest advancements in terms of transportation came with its own share of naysayers. The first cars to appear in 1803 were called horseless carriages and had to mimic the old way of transportation to the point of having fake horses heads and looking like this: The Horsey Horseless. J Horrible, right? But here we are today, only 200 years later, looking at Tesla’s incredible advancement in electric vehicles and even self-driving cars. So I think automation, for all intents and purposes, is here to stay.

Looking ahead, I believe one area of business that will be greatly impacted and disrupted by RPA is Outsourcing. In the search for the best solution out there, many companies are bringing RPA to the table, for the right reasons. When you start outsourcing work to a software robot instead of a human being, you know you’ve upped your game. Mixing and blending solutions involving both human potential and software automation is not only a smart approach, but also what will eventually keep you in the game. Innovating how a organization does business means constantly looking at other opportunities and this is definitely one that outsourcing companies will not miss.

RPA was long in the making. People have always looked for shortcuts in their work and history has taught us that whenever something can be automated… we will eventually find a way to do it. Making work fun, creative, a space for bouncing ideas and growing is a long-life dream and those of us who aren’t starting businesses or traveling the world are absolutely on board. So here I am as well, looking for ways to automate my work and, in the meantime, working with UiPath teams across the globe to automate others.

Andreea Baloi is a Contributor on Outsourcing Advisors

Andreea is a bold and brutally honest IT professional, with over 10 years’ experience in Management and more than 5 running Business Operations. Her background lies in customer support, where she strives to achieve excellency in offering assistance, while inspiring and helping her team to build the skills and strategies needed to develop and grow their IT careers.

Andreea is really passionate about women empowerment, leadership and personal growth, and she’s constantly using her online presence to raise awareness about these topics. She enjoys reading and uses writing as a form of meditation and expressing creativity. When she’s not working, Andreea spends time with her friends and family, usually trying to get her 10-year old nephew to still enjoy her company. You might also find her travelling to new places, doing yoga, watching NETFLIX or occasionally going out dancing.

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