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I am an “Outsourcing Professional” – Olivia Nita (Pastin)















Olivia Nita (Pastin)  has 8 years experience in Outsourcing and she is a true Outsourcing Professional!

Olivia worked for big corporations as Oracle, Wipro, Ericsson – playing different managerial roles at local or regional level. She managed multicultural teams in Romania or  remotely in Shanghai. Since 5 years ago she is specialized in procurement and sourcing.


  • Olivia started her professional experience close to 10 years ago within the Customer Care Department of what was then one of the mobile telephony operators in Romania: Zapp (Telemobil).
  • As of 2005 she’s been part of Oracle Global Renewals Service Center with various roles. The one job she recalls dearly is the Renewals Specialist where she felt most energized and motivated and in which she chiseled her skills best. In March 2007 Olivia started her people management experience as a Team Leader of North American Support Renewals.
  • In the summer of 2008 she has taken a new challenge in an Outsourcing organization (Wipro BPO) leading a start-up for a technical support project on behalf of a top flash-memory manufacturing company (SanDisk): two reporting teams – one in Bucharest and one in Shanghai supporting world-wide end-users. When starting to manage transactional procurement operations on behalf of a leading automotive company (General Motors) she realized that procurement and sourcing would make the best career choice for her. Following that experience, Olivia lead few other projects within the Procure2Pay space managing services delivery for large organizations (such as BestBuy and Boston Consulting Group). During her collaboration with Wipro she gathered significant knowledge about outsourcing contracts, transitions and transformations.
  • Since 2012 she is heading the e-Sourcing operations for Ericsson in a Global Sourcing Services Office. This is a global team with responsibilities for e-Sourcing projects organized by Ericsson that positions her and her team at the forefront of the Ericsson supplier interactions thus generating savings and improved selection alternatives for the Ericsson acquisitions.


Outsourcing Advisors recommends Olivia Nita (Pastin) as a true Romanian Outsourcing Professional!

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