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“I am an Outsourcing Professional” – Monica Daniela Minescu



With an experience of over 9 years working for various multinational companies in Romania and having taken different roles as a Collection officer, Quality and Training Assurance Specialist, Risk Control Specialist and Training coordinator, Monica Minescu is, without a doubt, a true Outsourcing Professional!

Monica started her career in the Outsourcing line of business in 2006, occupying a position of Collection Officer, working for one of the most important BPO and Outsourcing providers in Romania: Computer Generated Solutions.

CGS Romania is one of the largest support centers on the Romanian market and is listed in the first 15 best companies of this type in the world.

As a Collection officer, Monica was part of the AOL (America Online) project and her responsibilities included:

  • Inbound & outbound calls;
  • Processing online payments;
  • Negotiating payment schedules;
  • Upsell – reactivating services

Within the same company, in 2007, Monica took over another responsibility, that of Quality and Training Assurance Specialist. Her tasks become more specific, focused on training as well as coaching and included the following:

  • Monthly evaluations of existing employees through written tests, call listening, pop quiz via email;
  • Coaching employees;
  • Implementing training programs for America OnLine – internet and content provider from USA – for the following areas of activity: Collections, Customer service and Sales

In 2009, she took another step in her career, by working for another world wide known multinational company, Vodafone Corporation, as a Back-up trainer /Risk Control Specialist. Part of her new responsibilities within this position included:

  • Developing and implementing new training programs & Delivering existing and new training programs;
  • Negotiating payment schedules;
  • Updating existing training materials;
  • Inbound/outbound activity;
  • Posting cancellation fees

Since 2014 and up to present, Monica is a Training coordinator, working  for Allianz Managed Operations & Services ( Bucharest branch) , responsible for the company’s logistic and organizational support regarding trainings administration. In this role, her responsibilities include:

  • Managing training providers (e.g. Language trainings);
  • Managing Training-Services Group Mailbox, collect and compile data, training registrations;
  • Provide end to end project management for specific training processes, act as interface to different project members;
  • Event organizing;
  • Training coordination and supervision

With a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Psychology, Monica has natural people skills, is extremely opened, communicative, hardworking and enthusiastic. Resourceful and strong, she is always willing to take the extra mile in order to bring the best results to her team and company! Over the years, Monica has proven herself as a true and most valuable Outsourcing Professional!










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