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I am an “Outsourcing Professional”: Ana Maria Petecila

Outsourcing Advisors is the 1st Romanian Outsourcing Portal dedicated to our local outsourcing community. Outsourcing Advisors not only Connects, Educates and Facilitates business opportunities but also Promotes the members of our community: leaders, managers, specialists working in BPO, Contact Centers, Shared Services Centers, Global Business Centers etc. located in Romania. If you would like to share your professional profile with the members of local or international outsourcing industry,  you can send your CV/professional profile  at http://www.outsourcingadvisors.ro/your-cv/

Starting My 27th  we launched “I am an Outsourcing Professional” – a weekly campaign which will advertise 1 Professional/week-  from our local industry.

Our STAR this week: Ana-Maria Petecila it is a Romanian Outsourcing Professional!

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Ana Maria Petecila’s professional background recommends her as a true Romanian Outsourcing Professional. In the past 8 years, Ana Maria Petecila has had highly exposure to outsourcing industry based in Romania, being active  in various outsourcing areas like:

  • Contact center/call center management;
  • Outsourcing recruitment/workforce administration;
  • Outsourcing team’s compensation and benefits;
  • Outsourcing/ Global HR Team: being responsible for the activities of the global process team, maintaining the in scope process documentation up to date, complete and correct;
  • Training for outsourcing teams: setting up the global training team, responsible for delivering streamlined HR process and applications training for Romania, Czech Republic and the Philippines (12 countries overall);
  • Outsourcing start-up: full implementation and transition for a HR Shared Service Center in Romania.

Ana – Maria Petecila  is a successful outsourcing professional who has been working for big names present in our local industry with outsourced or insourced operations like: Accenture, Oracle or Bombardier. As you can see, she has both operational and management experience in the outsourcing industry, she speaks fluently English, Italian and French =>  she is a highly qualified outsourcing professional in our space.

Outsourcing Advisors recommends Ana – Maria Petecila as a strong Outsourcing Professional active within Romanian Outsourcing industry!


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