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Fresh opportunities for students and graduates – jobs available – Collections Department

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At the beginning of 2014 Kredyt Inkaso Portfolio Investments, part of Kredyt Inkaso group Poland, has acquired the non-performant loan department that belonged to Piraeus Bank. The nominal value of the acquired portfolio reaches up to EUR 57.5 million (equivalent to 13.2 million euros).

Kredyt Inkaso Investments RO represents the Romanian branch for the Polish Group KREDYT INKASO S.A (company specialized in debt recovery, with over 10 years experience in this field, headquarters in Poland).

This important acquisition marks the first steps the Polish company has taken towards the Romanian market. The company currently recruits and hires students and graduates for entry level positions, perfect for a career start in the Collections area of business.

At present, the company has published online  6 positions for Legal Advisors, linked, of course,  to the Legal Department ( they aim towards students and graduates from Law School ), and another 6 vacancies for Collection Officer, on the Collections Department (the employees are not requested to have graduated from a specific university of have an economic diploma – as long as they have negotiation skills and are determined to succeed, they have all the chances to get the job).

The salaries are made public on the company website – 800 Ron for a job as Collection Officer. However, this represents the salary earned as a beginner in the field. As in many other companies, if one employee gathers experience, the salary may increase, and can double the amount, reaching up to 1600 RON/ month.

The performance is what makes the difference at Kredyt Inkaso – dedicated employees can receive extra bonuses and performance awards, depending on the amounts collected and the work quality. Moreover, there is the real opportunity of promoting from one’s current position as a Collection Officer to a management level ( Team leader or team manager ) or to a specialized job in the same field.

The people that work at  Kredyt Inkaso are young and energetic, and the average age varies between 25 – 30 years. The jobs have a part time schedule of 6 hours/day and the number of calls taken by a person working in the collections department can reach to up to 100 calls / day.

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