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Endava Ltd expands its business and plans to hire over 300 employees in Cluj Napoca

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Endava Ltd, an IT service company, announced an investment of over 1 million EUR in a new development center in Cluj Napoca. As per the statement provided by the enterprise management, the company has plans to hire over 300 new employees in the near future, a number that will be added to the already 550 professionals currently working for the multinational.

“Endava inaugurated the largest development and support center in Romania at Cluj, and we are currently settled in a building located in United Business Center, currently occupying  eight of the 11 floors and an area of ​​6,700 square meters”–  John Cotterell- Chief Executive Endava Ltd.

Mr Cotterell also added that Cluj Napoca came as a natural choice when thinking about a city where the company would continue to expand its business, due to the high number of IT graduates and professionals that would perfectly fit the multinational’s needs.

“By moving into the new premises we consolidate our operations at Cluj Napoca into one major office location which will allow us to maintain the growth rate of the team by 25% per year. Currently, we have 550 employees and we plan to recruit 140 IT professionals over the next 12 months. In 2 years’ time, we plan to achieve a number of 850 employees working for Endava in this particular location”, Cotterell declared further.

Endava Ltd is currently seeking software developers, business analysts, IT support engineers, network engineers, systems engineers, IT, and service desk analysts.

“Our specialists are involved in software development projects and IT support offered to customers working in banking, insurance, electronic payments, retail, telecommunications and media domains and that are currently located in the UK, USA, Germany and Romania”, Cotterell stated.

Endava Ltd is an IT services company founded in 2000, with over 1,600 employees in 11 offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Romania, Moldova and Macedonia and a turnover of over 81 million EUR. Besides its headquarters located in Cluj-Napoca, the company also has a center in Iasi, with 270 employees, and one in Bucharest, where 280 professionals currently work.



Source : Mediafax

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