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Dare. Dream. Drive towards a culture of inclusion and diversity

Diversity is always a hot topic and it is an evolving matter, getting the attention of many. Governments are looking to measure and evolve the diversity reality. Organisations are focusing on identifying the root cause of the imbalance, while working on strategies with a short or long term gain in mind. Individuals and professionals are also putting their own effort and time into the topic due the internal drivers. Nevertheless, there is always one headline associated with Diversity: We can do Better!

The evidence is not new but it is more relevant than ever. The 2018 January report by McKinsey ‘Delivering on Diversity’, a survey across 1000 businesses in 12 countries, and a repeat of the 2015 version, concludes that the relation between diversity and business performance is highly interdependent.

  • Gender diversity is correlated with both profitability and value creation. Top-quartile companies were 21% more likely than fourth quartile companies to outperform national industry peers on EBIT margin, but also were 27% more likely than fourth quartile companies to have industry-leading performance on longer-term value creation, as measured using economic profit margin.
  • Top-team ethnic/cultural diversity is correlated with profitability. Companies with the most ethnically/culturally diverse executive teams – not only in terms of absolute representation, but also of the variety or mix of ethnicities– are 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability.

An inclusive culture creates the basis for change towards a more diverse ecosystem, but creating such a culture requires true leadership. Authentic leaders are aware of their differences, and they use self-acceptance and the understanding of the benefits of these differences to their favour. These are the leaders who will make a commitment towards a better future, not because of profitability reasons, but because of their personal ethics and moral.

On my journey as a professional, among the first things I’ve learned is how to look perfect, have the perfect answers and raise the bar even higher. But is there any such a thing as “perfection” and “perfect”? What makes it even harder is that once you’ve built your success based on “perfection”, you will struggle to stay true to yourself and potentially deal with failure. Not an easy choice, however we are presented with it every single day.

Due to exceptional leaders and mentors that recognised my merits and gave me the confidence to trust myself, I’ve learned to express my honest views in a diplomatic and respectful way.

On our quest to resolve the diversity and inclusion agenda, here are a few fundamental questions we could all reflect upon:

  1. Imagine your family and kids. What would you do if they were treated with an unconscious bias at school or at work?
  2. How many times was someone skeptical about you when meeting them for the first time, although your merits were obvious? And how many times did you meet someone who saw the difference in you, trusted you and gave you wings to fly?
  3. Looking at the profile of your customers, are you confident that their voices are represented within your team or company diverse enough?
  4. If you are a leader and a decision maker, when was the last time inclusion and diversity was a top priority on your agenda?

Nowadays, nothing is more dangerous than segregation and nothing is more powerful than unity. This also means that now we have the great opportunity to make a difference. Let’s all Dare. Dream. Drive towards a better version of ourselves, a culture of inclusion and diversity and a better future.

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Paula Tibre is a Contributor on Outsourcing Advisors

Paula is currently the Global Director of Technology, Delivery Assurance at Paddy Power Betfair and the Site Director for the PaddyPower Betfair office in Cluj. She refers to herself as a Product and Technology passionate with 12+ years hands on experience in building products from concept to customer. With 360◌ view of business experience, setting new standards and adapting to multiple geographies and cultures, Paula has an outstanding drive to reach clear outcomes, while investing to grow others, set up new teams, boosting engagement across all areas and teams.

 Personally, Paula is an active learner and constantly transforming and evolving as a leader. She has a passion for writing, travelling, supporting others and the community she is part of, always focused on becoming a better person.

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