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Cluj-Napoca as Outsourcing destination

Cluj-Napoca is the second most populated city in Romania, after its capital city – Bucharest, and one of the top Outsourcing destinations in Romania. Named ‘the Silicon Valley of Transylvania’, Cluj definitely has the most dynamic tech scene in the country, with an ever increasing number of incubators, investors, start-ups and founders.

Cluj-Napoca is located 440 km away from Bucharest and has a population of over 300.000, out of which 25% are students from across Romania or from abroad. Cluj has 10 universities and colleges. Yearly, 2.000 students choose to study technical and computer science, becoming the tomorrow’s engineers and experts.

The city is the leading city in Romania in the volume of IT exports, working closely  with countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Nordics, Japan and China. These collaborations are possible thanks to a high cultural flexibility and strong linguistic skills of the local IT engineers. Besides world class technical skills, the majority of the workforce speaks at least one foreign language, for example English, German, French or Spanish, making it easy for companies to run their operations smoothly and effectively.

Cluj is definitely a strong candidate for anyone looking to outsource in Romania. It still has a huge growth potential, being also the largest regional transportation hub with direct road, air and rail connections to major cities in Romania and Europe.

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