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Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt Technology Services: Colt Sibiu plays an integral role in delivering our vision

A London headquartered technology company, Colt is challenging the status quo within the telecommunications industry, setting a new standard in high bandwidth network and voice services for enterprises and wholesale customers in Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs.

Colt has built its reputation on putting its customers first, with a focus on delivering true local presence and agility for enterprises that are global yet need local attention. Keeping customers at the heart of its business is a key market differentiator for the company.

Since 2010, one of the company’s three Shared Service Centres has been located in Sibiu, Romania. The one hundred strong team supports the whole organisation with a wide range of skills from customer services to finance, web development and human resources.

Carl Grivner (CEO)  talked about the role that Colt Sibiu plays in delivering the company’s vision of being the most customer oriented business in the telecommunications industry.

OA: What role does Colt Sibiu play in Colt’s overall business strategy?

C G: Our office in Sibiu plays an important and multi-dimensional role. It acts as a support mechanism for a lot of the front line activities that we perform for our customers. It also plays an important role with regards to sales, and that impacts both revenue and customer satisfaction. Overall, our office in Sibiu is a very integral part of the business.

OA: Colt entered the telecommunications market in Romania 10 years ago. Can you talk about how this experience has been so far?

C G: We’ve been very successful in Romania so far in terms of people that we have on the team, and the talent we’re trying to attract. One competitive advantage that we identified immediately is the mix of skills available on the market – both technical and languages skills. We have a very diverse customer base of more than 25.000 customers around the globe, so being able to talk to them in their language is critical. Our colleagues in Sibiu are great contributors here!

The work ethics, the diversity of skills, the high level of education and the quality of the team we managed to build in Sibiu have made for a very positive experience in Romania.

OA: Based on this positive experience, do you foresee any further growth for Colt Sibiu?

C G: We do see an expansion of our current employee base in Sibiu. When you have a mix of positive things, you try to build on it!

OA: You’ve visited Sibiu several times now; how do you find the city?

C G: Oh, I like it a lot! I think it has a lot of old charm to it. Whenever I am there, I like walking around and seeing the old churches, which are absolutely gorgeous. From a cultural perspective, it’s a great location, and certainly a place that I enjoy visiting.

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