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Accenture has passed the 2,000 employee mark in Romania and is looking to further add some 200 people to its team this year


Accenture has passed the 2,000 employee mark in Romania and is looking to further add some 200 people to its team this year

Accenture Romania, the local branch of one of the largest players worldwide in the fields of outsourcing, consulting and software development, has recently passed the 2000 employee mark in Romania – and is expecting a further 10% growth this year according to Razvan Patrunoiu, who is the general manager of Accenture Romania, a company that has generated approximately 60 million dollars revenue in 2014.

Accenture has been active on the local market since 2006. The company has started out in Romania with consulting, infrastructure outsourcing and BPO activities – and has further outsourced their digital and technology (IT application development) here.

Today, Accenture has offices in Bucharest, Timisoara, Targu-Mures, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi. Over 1000 of their local employees work in the Bucharest office – where the company has outsourced all their five divisions. Timisoara is the second outsourcing hub in Romania for Accenture with 400 employees, closely followed by Cluj-Napoca (300 employees), Iasi (150) and Targu-Mures (100).

1.400 employees work for the operations/BPO department of Accenture – the next departments based on employee number are digital – 400 employees, technology – 200 employees and consulting 100 employees.

The average employee age in Accenture Romania is 28 years old in the BPO department and 30 years old for the technology and consulting departments.

The highest revenue generating departments of Accenture Romania are the BPO and Consulting divisions.

Accenture has opened last year the second Romanian outsourcing center in Timisoara, where over 400 employees provide BPO services.

The Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Mures and Iasi centers have been acquired along with other last year of Evopro – an embedded software development company. The employees of these centers now work for Accenture Digital projects – around 300 employees in Cluj and 100 in Targu-Mures.

The Iasi office of Accenture is another result of an acquisition – this time we are talking about EnergyQuoteJHA – a British company that delivers BPO services for energy customers. The Iasi division now has around 150 employees.

Accenture has no further plans to expand with new centers in Romania – the company focusing on the organic growth of their current 5 departments.
The biggest challenge of recruitment for Accenture in Romania is found in the technical area. “We see a big request in the market for IT technical employees, and this is the area where we further want to expand” said the Romanian leader of Accenture.

When you lose focus on people, your problems appear

Around 70% of Accenture’s employees in Romania are working in services outsourcing, an area where the employee turnover can reach up to 30-40% a year. In order to improve the retention of its employees, the company has been focusing on providing trainings, personal development programs, CSR projects, events and team buildings.

“We are working in a very competitive market where if failing to focus on people will land you in trouble. On way to improve retention has been to diversify the roles and involve people in various activities. For example, an employee of HR can go and speak with students in universities about what it is to work for Accenture – as a sort of a “career ambassador”. We strive to encourage their creative side and improve the communication path” said Razvan Patrunoiu.

The main competitors for Accenture in the operations/BPO field are companies such as Genpact, CGS, Wipro, WNS but also large IT players such as Oracle, IBM, HP or Microsoft – who have large technical support centers in Romania.


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