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A turnover of over 50% for Societe’s General Outsourcing center in Romania

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European Business Services Societe’s Generale (SG EBS) outsourcing center opened in Romania to serve the French subsidiaries in Europe, has increased its sales and earnings last year by 50% to £ 31.3 million (€ 7 million ) and a net gain of 3 million Lei.

The company, founded in Romania in 2011 and having as shareholders BRD – Groupe Societe Generale and Genefinance, a division of the French group, is currently operating as a shared service center, a platform with experts in the fields of accounting and human resources (HR), providing services for Societe’s Generale branches and subsidiaries in Europe.

In its first year operating in Romania, SG EBS had a number of 16 employees and a turnover of £ 3.32 million, with a loss recorded at the end of the year of 4.5 million, according to the Ministry of Finance. Last year, the company reached a number of 144 employees and continues to recruit staff intensively, publishing numerous job ads on online recruitment sites.

As per Mediafax, the revenues recorded in 2013 increased by 50.2% over the previous year reaching 31.75 million lei (7.18 million Euro), while expenses rose by 49% to £ 28.6 million (6, 47 million Euro).

Last year, Frederic Oudea, chief executive of SocGen declared that the center of expertise was placed in Romania, following a survey of European countries and is currently being considered the most appropriate platform to serve the group’s subsidiaries.

The French have a strategy based on rapid growth, providing attractive salary packages and trainings for employees and advancement opportunities within the company or group.



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