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A new IT investment hub will be founded at Iasi



With the rise of the new office building located across from Palas, 2000 new jobs will be created and made public in Iasi this year. Most of them are related to the IT&C and Outsourcing/ BPO domain.

The new positions will be created by companies that will rent office spaces in the office building raised on St Lazar Street by Julius GROUP, the largest developer and operator of shopping malls in Romania. Currently, Julius GROUP develops the whole urban Palas Iasi, an investment of over 260 million.

At present, in Iasi county, the amount of the total investments done by  IT&C and BPO/Outsourcing companies has raised to an amount of 220 MIL EUR/year. The number of employees working in this sector in Iasi is close to 6000.

The 2500 employees currently working in the Palas building complex at the moment are a living proof that Iasi is a city that creates a real interest for investors. Amazon, Endava, Xerox, Capgemini and Centric IT Solutions are but a few names we can list, from the line of BPO companies that decided to open a branch here.

The workforce in Iasi is well prepared, the staff costs are competitive and the office spaces are modern and well build. These are only of the few advantages the city of Iasi has to offer at the moment and many investors have already made public their desire to continue or expand their business here.


Source: www.ziaruldeiasi.ro

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