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2017 Trends in Outsourcing Industry

What happened in 2016 with Brexit and Donald Trump will mark the industry of outsourcing landscape worldwide in 2017 for sure. Presidency of Donald Trump it started to rise some questions on outsourcing from a policy perspective and how companies are going to face those changes and these policies will shape US outsourcing and more over global outsourcing. Also, the effects of Brexit in the UK will be expected for sure, companies have already started re-assessing their contracts in the light of the not-so pro-outsourcing changes expected.

Security will be the key

As outsourcing policies change, delivery mechanisms will change, creating security challenges. Increasing the awareness about security, the companies will be forced to choose advanced security measures, like automation, threat intelligence and analytics solutions.

Intelligent Automation

Automatic processes take less time, are more efficient and this may arise the issue of balancing manual and automated work, which is still to be handled. Automation will help standardise, reducing direct costs and extending benefits to suppliers, buyers and customers.

Virtual assistants

The call center will lose its significance with the emergence of self-servicing tools and intelligent virtual assistants. As self-service tools and intelligent assistants like virtual agents and chat box become more prevalent, the call center as we know it will face extinction. Virtual agents will take over in the form of contact centers catering to customers’ queries and needs.

For 2017 we can expect outsourcing, especially in the IT sector, to continue to increase. We will see how companies will respond to technological challenges and how they will face the future in order to make this industry grow and be more competitive.

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