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Youth unemployment.Is there a glimmer of hope?

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Hiring young employees is an ongoing trend within the majority of large corporate outsourcing companies. The main reason to go down this road is plain and simple: when you’re young you’re prone to fulfill the requirements of such a job. This situation has decreased the average employee age to be under 25 years old within outsourcing and BPO projects.

In 2013 the youth employees under 25 years old are taking up 76% out of the total employee number of CGS Romania. This marks an increase of up to 70% on a year-on-year estimate. The US-based CGS is by far the largest outsourcing solutions provider on the Romanian market. As Vladimir Sterescu, Country Manager of CGS Romania puts it, “In Romania the average learning student cannot afford to find a place on the working market; keep in mind that in Romania the under-25 youth unemployment has risen from around 18-19% in 2009 to 23% at the present date, thus reaching a quarter of the available employee base. We have been always reaching out to the Romanian youths and have been hiring disregarding the lack of experience at times as long as we saw other skills and, above all, the willingness and desire to work. Any company (that is in this position) should encourage and support hiring our youths, because we are raising a “failed generation” otherwise among us, this being caught in the vicious unemployment environment”.

“Our outsourcing activity specific has proven to be an advantage in providing help to the young, as this domain is most suited for their age” Vladimir Sterescu says.

Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) has two main focus-areas: back-office and front-office; the latter including a broader range of activities that involve direct relationship and interaction with the end-users and customers: sales, technical support, commercial activities, accounts payable, all of these being the basic activities of a contact center.

“Both the areas of the end user companies, as well as the markets they are active on have a need of the skills that we mainly find among the younger generation” is one of the ideas that Vladimir Sterescu put forward. CGS is an American company and thus, naturally, a large part of its business is coming from US-based enterprises that have targeted markets such as North America, Latin America and Europe; also, the company portfolio from the European market has been expanding lately, and this has only broadened the foreign language portfolio that the employees must master. Moreover, in most cases technical knowledge is required as most of these customers are outsourcing their IT and telecom activities, followed closely by banking, insurance and utilities.

In Romania, CGS has close to 3.000 employees; in total, within all their subsidiaries throughout North America, South America and Europe, the total CGS employee number rises up to 6.500.


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