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Working from home – closer to being regulated in Romania

Teleworking is closer to being regulated in Romania, as on Monday the Senate approved the draft project that talks about teleworking as an official form of contract in our country.

The bill has been built around the idea of flexibility and it regulates the relationship between employers and employees, clarifying the responsibilities of both parties. For example, employees are not obligated to inform their employer of their working location and they can choose if they want to use the company’s premises, a co-working space / hub or their home. It has been also stipulated in the bill that employees can work overtime. At the other end of the spectrum, employers won’t be obliged to ensure the health and safety of their employees when they are working form another location. Moreover, the bill states that they shouldn’t restrict employees’ access to teleworking during their probation period.
Teleworking is already a common practice in several countries of the European Union and the whole world and many employees and employers see its benefits. On the one hand, companies can save money by reducing the capacity of their offices or by decreasing the energy or fuel consumption. On the other hand, employees find this way of working advantageous because they can save the time and the money they would otherwise spend with commuting and because they can have a better control over their working environment and conditions.
The Senate’s sign off is one step in the process of regulating teleworking in Romania; the bill will be moved to the Chamber of Deputies for further consideration.


Source: adevarul.ro

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