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Working Globally: Integrating Multicultural Perspectives in your Work Environment


When: March 13th, 2014

Audience: professionals working abroad or in multicultural environments, dealing with different cultures or managing remote teams.

Course Overview:

This highly experiential and innovative program focuses on helping you increase your awareness, acceptance and overall sensitivity towards different cultures by giving you the opportunity to interact directly with professionists from various European countries and growing economies, such as India and China. You’ll learn the dimensions of cross-cultural differences, identify similarities and differences with global colleagues’ work styles and get advice for bridging any gaps,  and understand your own cultural values and how they impact daily global interactions.




By attending this highly interactive workshop, you will be able to:


  • Gain insight into core cross-cultural models and frameworks to understand the impact of cultural differences.
  • Use intercultural concepts to understand your own and others’ work styles
  • Develop strategies for improving interactions and communication across cultures
  • Understand the concept of style-switching to bridge cultural gaps in order to collaborate more effectively with global colleagues.
  • Advice for Managers Working Globally: Insights on coaching, selling, managing change, and evaluating employees, all in the global, cross-border context.

 Location: Bucharest

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