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Who we are



What is our mission?

Outsourcing Advisors is the central point of reference for any foreign investor or local Romanian business interested in developing/enhancing their outsourcing services. We are looking to:

  • Connect local and foreign entities with the needed resources in order to thrive in the Romanian market.
  • Educate local government, local companies and investors in order to take full advantage of the wealth of available information and resources.
  • Create opportunities for growth and collaboration for individuals activating in the local outsourcing market.


What is our vision?

We aim to become the go-to resource for any individual/entrepreneur or small/mid-sized/large company that is interested in exploring and utilizing the great potential that the Romanian market has for outsourcing.


What can we do for you?

  • Are you a foreign investor? We can provide you with:
    • Consultancy services in a broad area, starting for Legal frameworks to Real Estate options
    • Consultancy on accelerating Start-up businesses
    • Advice on shared services expansion
    • Training, coaching and mentoring services for your new business
    • Access to a broad network of people that will help you in setting up your business
    • Paid access to our Outsourcing Club with its unique perks
  • Are you a local company or individual contributor? We can offer you:
    • A varied amount of training options for outsourcing and call center professionals
    • Coaching services for middle and senior management
    • Guidance and career development for both existing outsourcing professionals and ambitious aspirants.
    • The opportunity to share your CV, which will be included in our Database and shared with hiring managers on request
    • Partnership aimed at promoting your services on our site and within our network


What makes us unique?

  • We are the first Romanian portal that is exclusively dedicated to the Romanian Outsourcing community.
  • We have one of the strongest networks of individuals and companies we are collaborating with.
  • We offer a holistic approach to setting up a business in Romania.
  • We are heavily reliant on the Romanian talent, which we promote on our portal.
  • We are making the first steps towards lobbying the outsourcing cause to our Local Government and potential investors