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Who Started the outsourcing business?Can we point at someone?



Even before the revolution of Information Technology, there were already several companies in the US who were outsourcing jobs. Outsourcing starts way back in early 90’s. In those times, US companies were seeking new business models to adopt the changes in the business industry.

The business industry experienced financial difficulties, as a result companies searched for ways to sustain their business without spending large amount of money, hence they start outsourcing in countries like India and Philippines. They found out that they can save more in outsourcing to other countries rather than hiring new staffs in their own country. When they hire employees located in their country, they will need to meet the same demand for compensation because they have similar money currency and economic situation.

When outsourcing begun, US companies significantly reduced their operating costs and their profits increased. Outsourcing continues to evolve as it is being used by a lot of businesses over the years. It brings more advantages to a lot of people who are running their own businesses that is why outsourcing becomes very popular until these days.

With the advancement of technologies, online outsourcing has evolved. In this system, jobs related to Information Technology are also being outsourced to numerous individuals all over the globe. The majority of online freelance jobs are related to customer support, internet marketing, telemarketing and technical support. These works involve the use of computers, hence a lot of people now prefer to study IT courses because they knew that there are many job opportunities waiting for them, especially in the field of outsourcing.

Online outsourcing is made possible through the use of freelance websites. These sites serve as a pathway for the employers and employees to meet. Employers may post their job descriptions in freelance websites so that they can find potential employers. Outsourcing is actually a win-win situation, where employers and employees can benefit with each other. Employers will outsource their skills to employers who are offering job opportunities that are related to their skills. Of course, they will be compensated in accordance to their given services.

Outsourcing has affected business organizations all over the world with its many benefits. It has transformed the way we worked!


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