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Vladimir Greavu: ‘Finding skilled workforce is our top problem right now’

We continue our ‘I am an Outsourcing Professional’ campaign with a experienced Operations Leader with extensive experience in the industry. Please meet Vladimir Greavu and find out what he thinks are the challenges that Hiring Managers are facing when recruiting new employees.


OA: Who is Vladimir Greavu, in a nut shell?

VG: I am an experienced Operations Leader of Genpact`s European Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) client base in Europe with previous HR Business Partner experience. Being passionate about people, I take big pride in successfully growing others and the teams I’m working with. Galvanizer of high employee morale and customer satisfaction, with advanced communication skills, I always seek to drive an enhanced customer experience and mutually beneficial outcomes.  A few of my highlights qualifications include vast knowledge of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as well as HR Consulting, Training, Relationship Management, and domain skills in Customer Service, F&A, S2P and Insurance Operations. 

OA: Please state the most important stops in your career so far.

VG: I’ve started in  services, within Oracle`s newly opened Global Renewal Shared Service Center in Bucharest, back in 2005. I joined the company as a Junior Representative and within 3 years I grew into more senior roles, such as PMO and Team Lead.

My first big leap happened in 2008 when I joined Genpact as an Operations Manager in a much more dynamic and complex role. I’ve learned a lot then, from Finance and Accounting, a variety of business processes, Lean Six Sigma and what business acumen means. Genpact has been a real learning experience for me and it continues to surprise me even today after more than 9 years with the company. The flexibility to learn new things and the opportunity to explore a variety of different roles within Functions (an example being my chance to experience a few roles in HR over a period of 2 years) were simply amazing. Most recently, 3 years ago, I took over my current role in Operations as a Regional Lead for a broad Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) client base, which consists of 6 different customer logos.

OA: From your experience as a Manager, what are the biggest challenges that SSCs/ BPOs are facing from a workforce perspective at the moment?

VG: Finding skilled workforce is the top problem right now, not only in our industry but in Romania per se. I think Romania has already become a mature services market, rapidly growing at very healthy annual rate, but it is also slowly becoming saturated by so many new competitors joining the market on an annual basis and by the fierce competition for resources. On the one hand, this helps cities like Bucharest to have under 1% unemployment rate and be very attractive to young workforce freshly graduating from universities. On the other hand, there is only a limited number of graduates every year which competitors have to tap into. So, BPOs are fighting for the same limited pool of people and on top of this also poaching each other, driving salaries market into unhealthy spikes. On top, this doesn’t do a favour to our industry as a whole, as costs are raising so quickly, turning Romania into an expensive location and opening opportunities for other countries like Latvia, Bulgaria.

OA: Based on the current state of the industry, where do you see Outsourcing going in the near future?

VG: I think the times to simply buy talents or skills are over. Now is time to invest in people, build them, form them. Hire young people with drive to succeed and eagerness to learn and invest in up-skilling them, including language, domain and soft skills.

OA: From your point of view, what makes Romania attractive on the Outsourcing market?

VG: There are a few things really. First of all, it’s the availability of diverse languages. As we know, Romanians are learning foreign languages easily and it is hard to find other countries being able to similarly serve clients in over 25 European languages. That still keeps us ahead of the curve.

The second one would be the flexibility. Romanians are flexible in terms of learning, working schedule, overtime. All our customers and all BPOs and SSCs appreciate that.

And finally, the third element is the commitment to delivering top quality work. We see Romanian employees devoted to their internal or external customers, setting high ambitions as personal standards, quickly learning, adapting and delivering high quality work.

OA: Finally, do you think career is something that happens or something that one builds?

VG:  I think it’s a bit of both. While curiosity, continuous learning, flexibility to embrace change and openness towards new challenges are key ingredients for career success, sometimes you also need to be in the right place at the right time. Context sometimes truly helps when you are the saviour role that people are looking for when there is a burning need. And you need to have a manager that trusts, supports and promotes you – this one is really key.

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