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Attract talent within your organisation

With the development of technology, we witness more and more change in business – both companies and employees are changing, demanding more from each other and becoming more and more complex. It’s not easy to find the balance in this constant transforming environment, but we have just the right tools to help you achieve the best equilibrium when it comes to targeting and selecting the right employees.

Talking to Outsourcing Professionals for our „I am an Outsourcing Professional” campaign, one aspect keeps coming up – as more companies establish their SSCs, PBOs or subsidiaries in Romania, they end up reaching out to the same pool of candidates. It is not only difficult to attract and keep talent within a company, but it’s also challenging to stay up to date with the rewards packages offered to the workforce. If you are on the company’s side, in a Management or Recruitment position, you know that finding the right candidates at the right time can be tricky sometimes.

Your business’s approach to recruitment and the attention you pay to the selection process influences the later success of the business, mostly when you are hiring a large number of employees. Asking the right questions, spending the time to understand a candidate’s motivation, meeting your potential future employees where they are, being able to talk their language, being one step forward in meeting their needs – these are all key elements for a successful selection strategy. That’s why you need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and tools in recruitment!

We can help you! ‘Targeted Selection’, our 2-days training programme talks about how you can best position a job opening, how you can use Social Media as an advantage or how you can assess a candidate’s level of motivation right there, at the interview phase. The programme follows one of the most accurate, widely used behavioural interviewing system, which demonstrates how to use past behaviours as a predictor of future behaviours and performance.

Register today and learn more about one of the best recruitment methods that will help you add value to your organisation.

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