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Typical characteristics of Outsourcing employees in Romania

Romania’s reputation as an attractive outsourcing destination has been on a rise in the past years and it continues on the same trend in 2017. After climbing in various rankings of well-known associations and organisations as a preferred outsourcing destination in Europe, Romania strengthened its position globally as well.

Recently, the Guardian wrote about Romania’s 5-7% year-on-year economic growth. We see the services sector expanding at pace as well, with an annual growth rate of the outsourcing sector of 15-20%. This positions Romania as the fastest growing market in the European Union in terms of IT outsourcing services.

One of the factors that make Romania as an extremely competitive near-shore location for global and European businesses is its people. The talent pool, that stands out in terms of multilingual, technical and soft skills, is one of the top reasons why companies choose Romania.

If we were to think of the typical profile of the Romanian Outsourcing employee, there are a couple of elements we will most likely identify. They have access to higher education and, most of the times, they start off as students / fresh graduates. They speak proficiently at least one foreign language (if not two). They are computer literate and agile when it comes to adapting and adjusting to a business environment.

 Language skills

With pupils typically starting to learn the first foreign language around the age of 8 and continuing with the study of the second foreign language when they are 10-11, Romania has a strong pool of language skills. There are also opinions that suggest that the decision to subtitle rather than dub foreign programming on television also helps boost foreign language exposure and proficiency. According to languageknowledge.eu, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish are the top 5 languages being spoken by the workforce.

 Technical skills

The high quality education in science, mathematics and technical profile have long made Romania a hub for IT outsourcing. Testing, IT development, network engineering, software engineering are just a few of the technical skills that are available on the market, which leading multinationals such as: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Genpact, Microsoft, Wipro, WNS, TELUS or Amazon are relying on for their business success.

According to ABSL, over 60.000 people are working in Outsourcing in Romania and the number is expected to double in the next 5 years based on the accelerated growth of the service sector.

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