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With the month of March approaching, which in Romania is synonymous with the celebration of spring, womanhood and motherhood, I’ve had a closer look at what the ladies in the business are doing today.

Since the end of last year and the beginning of 2014, I’ve read exciting news about women in key positions influencing the political and economic outlook. With Janet Yellen newly promoted to Head of the US Federal Reserve, one of the most powerful institutions in the world, Hilary Clinton keeping America in suspense around her potential candidacy for presidency in the 2016 US elections and Angela Merkel dominating the European political scene, women seem to be at their best.

Of course, wielding power that is recognizable worldwide is not the only measure of success.

Many of our foreign visitors are asking us how come there are so many ladies in the Romanian offices.

In the organization I am working for, and especially in a Customer Services department, the women to men ratio is favoring the first category with about 58% to 42%. Going to the reasons behind this distribution in our department, other than sheer population spread (which is consistent with the census for the Romanian population), there are specific skills that women bring to the table in a multi-national environment.

One of them is the linguistic span. Most of the Foreign Languages students in Romania are women. Coincidence or not? A lot of studies have been conducted on the subject of whether women are more inclined to learn foreign languages at a faster pace. The studies concluded that indeed, women’s motivation, brain wirings and core personality traits are enabling much quicker adoption of foreign languages.  Since we are recruiting individuals speaking a diversity of European tongues, it seems natural that women are the best candidates. This, coupled with the fact that Romanians are known for their seamless assimilation of foreign languages makes Romania a haven for BPOs and outsourcing in general.

Another factor is women’s propensity for hard work and resilience. While men are typically more technical and have a tendency to burn stages in development, women generally take time to master their jobs and then think about making the next step. There are more and more women in Management positions and we are starting to penetrate from the middle management stage into upper management positions, which is extremely promising.

Far be it from me to make this into a feminist speech, but I do believe that the society we live in today is abundant with opportunities that were not here until now. Of course there will always be an open discussion regarding the great battle of the sexes, but ladies, good work catching up! 

Author : Cristiana Stanciu, Senior Sales Support Manager,  Oracle Romania

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