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The power of coaching

Outsourcing advisors the power of coaching

In the past two years, I have been privileged enough to take part in a series of executive coaching sessions with a third party that my company contracted.

I didn’t give it much thought in the beginning, because I perceived it to be just another ‘training’, a series of stale discussions that would not materialize into anything of use in my development. But, since I love communicating and receiving feedback, I thought that I would make the most of it anyway.

To my pleasant surprise, the experience influenced my whole perspective on my role in the company, how my contribution mattered and how I can influence others. I became a better performer, I learned to play on my strengths, I discovered that there were many things I did well and in the end, it turned me into a better manager.

How? Through the understated power of asking the right questions.

I am working in a multinational company with a hectic rhythm, ambitious targets to say the least, high operational focus and very tight deadlines. And it’s so easy to get caught up in the dynamics of it all and lose sight of the fact that, every once in a while, people need to be listened to. They need to be made to shift their perspective, reassess their priorities, re position themselves in a continuously changing context.

Coaching can be such an easy motivational tool. In a market where employees are very young, with a need for feedback and high expectations, we run the risk of increasing the churn rate just by not paying enough attention to them.

The coaching market in Romania is just developing in my view. If companies want to invest in a third party to do the coaching, you must take into consideration the credibility of the coach, their professional background and how well connected they are to the market and in the end, what their track record is for success. Coaching is not just talking about feelings and abstract things. Corporate coaching and executive coaching must have a clear agenda, with measurable goals and a clear action plan. It’s not easy, but it is sure worth the effort.

If your company cannot afford to employ a third party, think about investing in coaching certifications for your managers. Or do both. The return on investment is traceable and you will not be sorry. Of course, keeping in mind the provisions previously mentioned.

I am a big believer in constant learning. And learning should start with knowing your own self. Knowing where you stand, how you are perceived, whether you have a brand or not, what that brand is and how you can use it in order to grow further. Whether you want to go for that next promotion or you want to make sure your team has the support needed, coaching should be the yellow brick road, at the end of which you may discover results that you had never dreamed of before. 

Author: Cristiana Lupu

outsourcingadvisors.ro_Cristiana-Lupu-e1374569621280 Cristiana Lupu it is an experienced Senior Sales Support Manager within Romanian Outsourcing industry (insourcing) having  7 years expertise in handling sales support operations within Oracle Corporation –  for various countries within Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Cristiana  accumulated an interesting experience within sales support operations, insourcing, team management  and now she is ready  to contribute to the development of Romanian Outsourcing Community led by Outsourcing Advisors.  As a result, Cristiana Lupu became an Outsourcing Advisors Contributor starting with July 2013.



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