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The main trends that influence the Outsourcing industry: from Big data to Internet of things

The outsourcing industry, that also includes the call center activity (domain that gained a lot of importance in the past years in Romania) is growing at a fast pace and makes its first steps towards a new stage of development.

The keywords used in the field are beginning to change, and terms such as Big Data, Internet of Things or Customer Service are the main directions that companies are turning to. Same approach is used by business sites as well.

This way, customers (and not companies) get to decide what kind of customer service they receive and consumers have the change to pick the way in which they would like to communicate with the company.

The main trends the Outsourcing industry is heading to are the following:



Big Data: companies will have to manage huge stocks of information using various communication channels. The challenge will be to learn how to transform the large number of information into a profitable resource. Analysis, if done properly, can provide valuable information and insights on customer behavior, can help companies anticipate customer trends and make their experiences more relevant.


The Internet of Things: in the coming years, connected devices will be crucial for the contact center platform. People are permanently attached to technology and are able to perform activities with only by clicking once on their mobile. Being permanently connected to various online services, there will be enough information available on how customers choose products and interact with a brand.



Well-informed customers: people are more informed than ever. They are looking for information online and initiate a dialogue with a company using the info they have and having higher expectations than ever. The number of communication channels will increase further and 24/7 customer services will become mandatory. It is known that people trust the recommendations of friends and family at the expense of recommendations from a company. Social CRM / self service / community manager – customers can answer their questions themselves and in cooperation with others, leaving more complex problems for contact centers to handle. As a result, there is a higher demand for professionals that not only respond to basic phone calls but also have a deep technical know-how.

“The areas with the greatest development potential for the call center industry are those that interact heavily with consumers – communicative industries such as telecom or services that are part of a very competitive industry, such as banks. Also, a great potential is represented by online retailers “ –  Violeta Red – CEO Blue Point, one of the leading providers of outsourcing services in Romania


source: wall-street.ro


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