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The main difference between Romania and Western countries in terms of Outsourcing – the lower price remains a key factor. Yet it is not the only one!



If we were to talk about the differences between Western and Eastern countries in terms of outsourcing and the call center industry we have to admit that the price remains a key factor when taking the decision to go ahead and externalize. Yet it is not the only one!

“We cannot ignore the importance of price when it comes to outsourcing in Eastern European countries. Yet we have to be objective enough to observe that this is not the only factor that attracts foreign investors in our country. The potential in human resources has the same importance. Romania offers a lot of high skilled professionals working in IT and technical fields, proficient in speaking one or even more foreign languages. They are dedicated and result oriented. As a result, I strongly believe that Romania has great potential and has established itself as a true outsourcing/ call center destination on the European map” – Violeta Rosu – CEO Blue Point, one of the largest Call Center providers on the local market.

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Vladimir Sterescu, CEO of CGS Romania – one of the most important players on the local market specialized in outsourcing services, says that Romania has become a hub for the outsourcing industry mainly due to its geographical position, low cost of labor but also due to its high quality of service provided.

“Human resources have outstanding analytical skills and knowledge developed in the IT field. Our country finds itself in top 10 worldwide and top 3 in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of preferred outsourcing destinations. Moreover, Romania makes no exception from the global outsourcing trends, placing itself on an upward trend with great forecasts for 2015. If in the past companies used to outsource based only on cost reduction, at present medium and large companies are gradually focusing on creating and maintaining stable relationships, they are centered on staying competitive and constantly working on improving their business performance. As a result, outsourcing continues to be a successful strategy for the next period. In addition, I would also like to add that medium companies can follow the same steps multinationals have taken in terms of externalization, with small differences of course,  that come from various and unique experience in terms of business transition” – Vladimir Sterescu added

One of the key factors that made all the difference for GCS when choosing an outsourcing destination was the human factor.

“Romania remains a highly attractive market in terms of the existent talent pool – talented and committed young professionals. It is also a tempting market in terms of the number of languages known and spoken fluently by a great number of people working in the industry, fact that clearly outlines Romania from other similar markets in the region” – Vladimir Sterescu concluded


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