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The local Call Center market – an immense opportunity in Romania

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Foreign companies have increased their investments in Romania in the past several years and this fact alone positioned our country among the most desired outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe.

The Call Center industry has developed rapidly, consolidating itself as a high potential market, attracting more and more companies looking to develop their branches in Romania and make profit from the exquisite support and human resources our country has to offer.

“The call center market continues to increase its potential from one year to the next. This trend is supported, first of all, by a mature market, both in terms of demand and supply. More and more local outsourcing companies have understood the benefits that stand behind opening a call center. They are regarded as high profit investments and present a constant growth. At the same time I have noticed that customers are looking for partners, not only suppliers, which is always something to be proud about! The market is absolutely heading in the right direction!” Violeta Rosu, general manager Bluepoint, one of the largest Call Center providers on the local market.

Regarding international clients, Romania continues to represent a high potential market in terms of investments.

“Our country provides a great pool of resources in terms of foreign language speakers, with friendlier costs in comparison to Western states. The technology used here is among the best in the world, the people are result-oriented and constantly engaged in the business they work for. In terms of demand, an upward trend is observed, both in regards to inbound as well as outbound services, with a higher growth potential in the IT support services / technical and telesales area” Violeta Rosu added.

Regarding the service demand, there are more and more players on the market that are specialized on a specific niche or focus mainly on certain types of services.


“We are noticing an increase in terms of performance and immediate results. The human factor is essential as well. I am more than happy to see that companies are investing more and more in their human resources. People represent the voice of the brand; they are the best ambassadors a company could have. A well trained and motivated team increases the quality of services. Therefore, I think a balance between price and quality is an important driver that will continue to support the local call center market in terms of performance and growth” – Violeta Rosu concluded


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