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Outsourcing business and temporary jobs – the focus of the labor market in the upcoming period

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Five years have passed since the economic crisis began and the recruitment business isn’t looking that bright as expected. Nevertheless, the end of 2013 might bring a cheer in this sector as more upcoming jobs are expected to be available.

“Personnel recruitment will grow in volume comparing to the first half of the year ,especially in the fall season.Production companies receive orders on a daily basis in the following period and the hiring process will increase substantially” Bogdan Florea, managing director at Trenkwalder.

Furthermore,in the second half of the year a series of outsourcing projects will be implemented and these will also generate job vacancies.

“For instance,the financial services will produce job openings for personnel specialized in accounting and foreign languages.The offers provided will have in sight juniors as well as experienced workers” Cristina Savuica,managing parter at Lugera.

Nevertheless, as Bogdan Florea explained , we are faced with a decrease in the number of job openings compared to the same period last year,but we are faced with a more complex outsourcing business that rapidly developed in our country and that focuses in hiring the best employees for their positions.

“Also,in this particular period we can observe an increased attention given to temporary jobs. Hiring personnel for a determined period of time inside a project will contribute to the development of  the recruitment market in the future” Cristina Pasat,managing director at Professional.

Where can we find available jobs at the moment?

The real “star industries” that represent the most active hiring firms nowadays are the ones representing the IT&C and sales ,retail representatives and outsourcing companies.

“The employers demand and attention is drawn more and more towards professionals inside engineering science due to the new industry wave found in every domain and last but not least towards the company’s need to have the best employees in the field.One interesting aspect to take into account : it is predicted that the jobs offered to Romanian workers will be located outside the country, and they will be found in the other states  inside the European Union region “ Cristina Pasat

In regards to the actual recruitment process the best way to go is to apply online.Nevertheless,focused on getting an immediate result , the companies have created some steps and tests the applicant must take in order to better match with the desired profile.

A number of approximate 50.000 people are currently hired for temporary jobs in Romania which leads us to a number of 1.5 % impact rate from the total number of work force in the country ( approximate 4.5 million persons ) ,a percentage below the European average of 14 %.



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